Let's Play OS 2200!

I've been delving into OS 2200, the magnificent 36-bit, ones' complement mainframe OS that inherits the legacy of Univac - and runs mission critical workloads for companies around the world today.

It is about thirty different kinds of awesome.

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Part 1: The Road to Unisys Dorado

In which Sunset delves into OS 2200 headfirst, and explains her mission.

Part 2: Ones' Complement is the Loneliest Representation

In which Sunset describes the Dorado ISA, and the enduring strangeness of Dorado Java.

Part 3: Intelligible Forms

In which we start writing code, and we meet FORMGEN.

Part 4: The Periodic File of Elements

In which we learn about syscalls and storage. Coming soon.

Part 5: Finding Kitten

In which kittens are found. Coming soon.

Part 6: C + PLUS

In which we do cool tricks with UCS and MASM. Coming soon.

Sidenote: The Mainframe Six

In which Sunset elaborates on the other modern mainframes.